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Hearing Aids

We Provide The Latest Hearing Aid Technology At Amazing Prices

Watertown Audiology Hearing Aid & Balance Centers carry the latest in Hearing Aid Technology from our family of hearing aid brands, including Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Siemens & Unitron. Our Doctors of Audiology and Hearing Aid Specialists work together to provide you hearing aids that will suit your hearing loss, needs and lifestyle.

The hearing aids we offer include up to a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, one-time loss and damage replacement warranty and 45-day trial period

Digital Hearing Aids & Styles

Custom Products

Invisible In The Canal (IIC)

  • For mild-to-moderately severe hearing loss
  • Completely invisible in most ears

Completely In The Canal (CIC)

  • For mild-to-moderately severe hearing loss
  • Virtually invisible, fits deeply inside your ear canal

In The Canal (ITC)/Half Shell

  • For mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Small enough to fit almost entirely in your ear canal

In The Ear (ITE)/Full Shell

  • For moderate-to- severe hearing loss
  • Made to fit within the external ear

Behind The Ear Products

Behind The Ear (BTE)

  • For mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Fits snugly behind the ear and is attached to a custom earpiece

Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

  • For moderate-to-severe hearing loss
  • The smallest behind the ear instrument

Find a hearing aid that’s right for you.

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